how to use licorice and what are licorice benefits ?

how to use licorice and what are licorice benefits ?

How to use Licorice


Licorice is a sweet herb that grows in parts of Asia and Europe. It is used in candies as sweetener, as liquid extract or as herbal tea. Hence it has medical effects scientists have made some researches and found out many pharmacological activities of licorice, such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antimicrobial and many other activities. Considering the medical aspect of licorice, it mainly lies in the roots of this precious herb.


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Licorice benefits

Before we get to the benefits, pay attention that although licorice has many benefits, but excessive use could be harmful. In addition those who have high blood pressure or low potassium level should be aware of the consequences by using licorice.

Licorice has more than three hundred compounds and is used in most Chinese traditional prescriptions. Although there are variety of ailments which licorice treats but we mention few of them which all are scientifically approved.

Licorice root extract can calm eczema and can fight against bacteria that infected the skin. The extract also reduced nausea, stomach pain and relives stomach discomforts.

The next important benefit is treatment of Hepatitis C illness. Glycyrrhizin, constituent of Glycyrrhiza glabra (pharmacological activities) root, is proven to be effective in Hepatitis C treatments. But excessive use of Glycyrrhiza can have adverse effects.

As we mentioned before licorice has anti-bacterial roots, it prohibits the growth of bacteria in mouth so also good for sore throat.

How to use Licorice?

Licorice root could be found in different forms of products. Licorice tea is the most common form, but there are also chewable tablets, extract, capsules, powders, tincture or lozenges available in medicine product stores.

Consider that 5 to 15 grams of licorice root per day for short time might not be harmful but excessive usage might be harmful to your body. So the candy variant a day is not recommended.

You can use one tablespoon licorice poured with a cup of boiling water as a beneficial herbal tea. More comfort way to use licorice tea is using tea bags which are available in stores. Licorice tea bags have many variants for example mixed with black or green tea to suit your taste.

As mentioned above one of the licorice benefits was skin inflammation, so in order to prevent skin infections and eczema, using licorice with aloe Vera gel on the infected spot is useful.

The last but not least benefit of this precious herb is if you cough, you can use licorice as power once a day to calm your throat.


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