Pink Rose Petal (Without hip), Iran Pink Rose, Iranian Pink Rose, Persian Pink Rose, Exporting Iran medical herbPink Rose Petal (Without hip)

Pink Rose Petal (in Persian گلبرگ رز)

The rose petal tea brewed from rose petals has an exotic sentiment. It is enjoyable in smell, taste and vision. It is a healthy drink especially for women.

Rose Petal Tea can be made from rose hips or rose petals. This tea has a lightly floral taste with a slightly tangy flavor. A very elegant tea to serve for your afternoon tea party.

Taste of pink rose petal

Its taste is fresh and sweet.

Rose Petal Tea storage

Keep the tea in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Tea brewing

Use 3-5gms of the rose petal tea and brew with boiling water. Can also be brewed with other flower teas and tea leaves.

Health Benefits of using pink rose in Tea

The rose petal tea helps to beatify skin, prevent constipation, cool down body temperature, and moisten throat.

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