Caramelized hard sugar candy (in Persian پولکی)

Poolaki or Poolak, traditional Persian style caramelized hard sugar candy, normally eaten with tea.

Poolaki is a type of candy made mainly in Isfahan, Iran. Its shape is in the form of a thin disc, pretty much like a very thin coin, which starts dissolving as it enters the mouth. It is made of sugar, water, white vinegar and some natural taste of saffron, dried lime or cocoa powder. It is similar to toffee.

Another type of Iranian Poolaki (Cardamom Sugar Plum Poolaki) is a rock candy that is made out of sugar, citric acid and cardamom. The cardamom is a flavor additive that gives the candy a refreshing and new taste. This is not a sugar cube to melt quickly in your mouth and it’s not that soft to chew or swallow quickly, you need to take time and experience the magic of poolaki.

The sugar candy can be enjoyed at anytime but it tastes great after a big meal with a cup of tea.

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