Persian candy floss (in Persian پشمک)

Pashmak is a form of Persian candy floss / cotton candy, made from sesame and sugar. A common myth is that Pashmak is made with ant spit, although this is not true. The word Pashmak in Persian is composed of pashm [wool] + ak [resemblance suffix] meaning “wool-like”, as the confectionery resembles sheep’s wool.

Persian fairy floss is commonly used for decorating cakes, desserts, fruits, puddings and ice creams but can also be enjoyed on its own. It is made from sugar and sesame oil so as well as a divine sweet flavour, although not as sweet as traditional fairy floss, it also boasts a very pleasant nutty taste that is one of a kind. If you are planning to use Persian fairy floss as a garnish or accompaniment to your dessert, be sure to use as close to serving as possible. This delectable sweet is fragile and once the pack is opened and the contents exposed to air it will collect moisture, bead up and begin to disappear.

Pashmak originated in the Iranian city of Yazd known for its various traditional Persian sweets such as Baghlava and Ghottab.

A Turkish sweet called pişmaniye bears some resemblance to Pashmak.

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