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Damask Rose (Super)

Damask Rose (in Persian گل محمدی)

Damask Rose Function

Damask Rose rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K, the main ingredients are volatile oil, bitter quality, tannins, and organic acids. Ease the emotional balance hormones and blood gas, beauty, skin care, the role of the liver and stomach are conditioning, and can eliminate fatigue, improving the body.

Essays flowers

Rose is the year the bushes. Are more than 10,000 species, the general consumption of pink roses and purple roses. Rose represents the love that has been widely accepted by the public alike. Its beautiful smell and beautiful appearance, it often appeared in various Chinese banquet and marriage. So it has been one of the most popular flowers.

Rose tea mild, beautiful flowers, the aroma of an array of enchanting, not greasy entrance Sophie Gan, can cause feelings of relaxation, relieve depression, very suitable for a fashionable modern working population. Its beauty is the most important beauty effectiveness tops can remove blotches on the skin, natural skin whitening toning. For attention to sensory enjoyment scented tea lovers, Rose tea is a good choice.


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